For more than 6 years, 89.0 Capital FM has been the definitive voice of music, culture, and relevant information for Juba as a whole and the greater metro area surrounding the City and its suburbsWe broadcast from Juba City with excellent signal radius of 120KM stretching to Pageri Payam in the South, Liria County – Torit in the East, Terekeka in the North and Rokon in the West.


To be the leading professional company for FM Broadcasting, TV distribution / Broadcasting and ICT solutions delivery, leveraged on the current technologies trends.

Core Values:

1. Reliable:  We do what we say, reliable contact for all issues relating to broadcast system integration, and ICT Solution delivery. A cooperative and open partnership, internally as well as with customers and suppliersWe are constantly in business while remaining true to ourselves at the same time.



2. ProactiveActing instead of reacting, we stand for clear and forward-looking objectives, quick and results-oriented decisions, and structured cooperation. We have a deep understanding of broadcast markets and technology innovation.

3.Respectful: Our success strategy is based on respectful use of resources to achieve the greatest possible profit.  Ethical and fair interaction with business partners, competitors, and employees.

4.Gender: our institutional mandate is built on the bases of gender equality, fairness, and rule of law aligned to national goal. Sexual harassment and exploitation not entertained.