About us

For more than 6 years, 89.0 Capital FM has been the definitive voice of music, culture, and relevant information for Juba as a whole and the greater metro area surrounding the City and its suburbs.
We broadcast from
Juba City with excellent signal radius of 120KM stretching to Pageri Payam in the South, Liria County – Torit in the East, Terekeka in the North and Rokon in the West.
Our main broadcast language is English, but we also have a few scheduled news bulletins that run in
Capital FM targets the 18-35-year-old age group, or the ABC1-C2 socio-economic class with a brand promise offering “Today’ rhythm”. This target audience comprises people who are aspirational, seek balanced information, they actively socialize, are politically aware, and are fully involved in making choices that affect their lives.
We offer an unduplicated brand that’s second to none, hence earning undivided loyalty from our audience, and in turn we guarantee higher advertising recall for our advertisers.


Capital  FM Is Powered by UBS Network Limited