Polio vaccination underway in Jonglei State


A four-day oral polio vaccination campaign targeting more than 30,000 children is ongoing in Jonglei State.

Atong Kuol Manyang, the state health minister, while speaking during the launch on Tuesday in Bor, urged all the parents to allow their children below the age of five years to be vaccinated. 

“Today’s event is important because it will enlighten people to take their children to take part in this polio vaccine, vitamin A and deworming. What is happening today has been studied and is safe for your children. It is free of charge and it is door-to-door. So, we must all take part in it,” Minster Atong stressed. 

The health minister emphasized that the vaccine is necessary for protection against the deadly viral disease. 

Atong called for more partnership with health agencies so that better services are delivered to the locals in all parts of the state.

Dau Deng, an officer with UN children’s agency UNICEF in Bor, urged all parents in parts of Jonglei to have their children vaccinated, saying there are polio cases in Jonglei but the vaccine can protect children. 

“On behalf of UNICEF, we are supporting the government in polio vaccination, deworming, and giving vitamin A. And the children that we are targeting are from 0-59 months. And we are asking mothers to remain at home because vaccinators will come and knock on their door. The vaccine is safe and free,” Deng said. 

For his part, Gender Advisor Abraham Ayuk, who presided over the launch, called on the people of Jonglei to encourage women who cannot immunize their children due to traditional perceptions and beliefs to do so.   

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