Sudan’s interior minister, local leaders discuss security measures’ enforcement in W. Darfur


Al-Burhan visits areas damaged during tribal attacks in El-Geneina on 13 April 2021 (ST photo)
April 14, 2021 (EL-GENEINA) – Sudan’s Interior Minister Wednesday discussed with West Darfur tribal leaders the implementation of security measures to restore social peace and bring to justice the responsible of the intercommunal violence.

Minister Izzeldin al-Sheikh arrived in El-Geneina on Monday with the head of the Sovereign Council Abdel Fattah al-Burhan to inspect the security situation, visit the areas affected by the recent attacks and met with the different social components in the state including traditional and political leaders.

Before his return to Khartoum on Tuesday evening, al-Burhan issued several decisions including the deployment of additional troops to restore security, investigation of attacks, bring the culprits to justice, weapons collection and humanitarian aid to the affected people.

Also, he instructed the interior minister to remain in the capital of West Darfur to oversee the enforcement of all the security measures to end the tribal violence and prevent its resumption.

Al-Sheikh Wednesday held two separate meetings with tribal Quintet Committees of the Arab and Massalit tribes to brief them about al-Burahn’s decisions and urged them to collaborate with the state security committee to ensure its implementation.

Speaking to the official news agency SUNA after the meeting, Tajeldin Mohamed Bahrain Massalit paramount tribal leader and head of their five-member committee confirmed their full commitment to all decisions taken to enforce the law, restore the state authority and enhance social peace.

Bahrain reiterated they would fully cooperate with the competent authorities to arrest culprits and collect weapons. He further said they would brief their community about the government’s decisions and call to observe it.

For his part, Hamid Aldawai Dabuk head of the Arab five-member tribal committee affirmed their full readiness to implement the decisions of the Chairman of the Sovereign Council to address the situation in El Geneina after the recent violence.

Dabuk further stressed the need to deter the outlaws, expedite the implementation of the security arrangements of the Juba Peace Agreement.

On 12 April, al-Burhan met with tribal leaders in El-Geneina and urged them to contribute to the government efforts to curb tribal violence in the West Darfur State.

Also, he agreed with them to form quintet committees that will be the interlocutors of the security authorities and cooperate with them to arrest the responsible for the attacks and weapons collection.

Over 144 people were killed during the latest clashes between the Massalit and Arab tribe in El Geneina during the first week of April.

All the intercommunal attacks and revenge attacks were triggered by quarrels between individual and murders cases.

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